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Positive Psychology focuses on helping individuals cultivate their signature strengths. You can discover yours by taking the VIA Signature Strengths self-assessment. Why  discover your signature strengths? When your signature strengths are developed and cultivated, you can develop a greater sense of self and accomplishment.

The VIA Signature Strengths Survey identifies 24 strengths. Two of these include Citizenship and Teamwork; and Fairness, Equality and Justice. If either of these are your signature strengths, here are some ways that you may want to cultivate these strengths:

To cultivate Citizenship and Teamwork:

  • Be socially responsible. Join events or rallies, speak publicly, and promote humanitarianism.
  • Volunteer at a community project, or pick up litter on the ground.
  • Actively participate in an organization you are part of.
  • Join in a neighborhood activity.

To cultivate Fairness, Equality and Justice:

  • Hear out another’s opinion without prejudice or pre-judgment
  • Be conscious of moments where you can stereotype or judge someone, and start to avoid those circumstances
  • Be the mediator in an argument between friends and set your personal beliefs aside for the time being.

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